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Product Details

PICAXE Electronic Bread Board Layout Emulator (PEBBLE) is a free, open source breadboard layout tool developed by the PICAXE community (many thanks to 'WestAust55') for the graphical representation of PICAXE Circuit breadboard layouts.

PEBBLE will work in most modern browsers. See the PICAXE forum thread for more details about using PEBBLE.


PEBBLE ZIp File (version 3.1) PEBBLE ZIp File

Revision History

3.1 27 Aug 2011 Added code to permit language localisation with auto locale detection - user may need to add their language file localisation file for Czech included localisation file for French (Francais) included Added PICAXE 08M2 Added PICAXE 14M2 Added PICAXE 20M2 Added 74HC138 - 3 to 8 Decoder with Active Low outputs Added 74HC238 - 3 to 8 Decoder with Active High outputs 3.0i 6 Feb 2011 Added 74HC4051 8-channel Analogue Switch IC == CD4051 Added 74HC4052 Dual 2-channel Analogue Switch IC == CD4052 Added 74HC4051 Triple 2-channel Analogue Switch IC == CD4053 Added SY4090 MOS Relay HFS2 series in DIP6 package to IC group Added ceramic capacitor selection to capacitor range 3.0h 27 Dec 2010 Corrected outline for SAA1064 to be 0.6 inch wide (not 0.3 inch wide) Added Speakjet - the Magnevation speech and sound synthesiser chip Added an "NC" image under misc component set for No Connection indication Added small tactile momentary switch under the DIP Switch group Added large tactile momentary switch under the DIP Switch group Added Jaycar HP9556 Mini Proto Board Added Jaycar HP9558 Large Proto Board Added Jaycar HP9540 Small Strip Board 95 x 76 mm Added Jaycar HP9540 Small Strip Board 95 x 152 mm Added Jaycar HP9540 Small Strip Board 95 x 303 mm 2.5 15 January 2010 Added 25mm high single digit 7-segment LED display in DIP IC group Added 20mm high dual digit 7-segment LED display in DIP IC group Added 9mm high quad digit 7-segment LED display in DIP IC group Altered code to add a new selector so that an off-board component area can be turned On or OFF above the breadboard. Code is backward compatible and will still accept old component lists without the selector - gives no top area Altered program code so that breadboard images only load as required/used. This typically saves around 4MBytes of download when internet hosted. Altered code for drawing of resistor to be more robust and work correctly under Windows 7 2.4e 19 December 2009 Added the Rev Ed FRM015 serial to parallel printer interface chip Added the MCP4011 up/down 64 pos single SPI digital pot IC Added the MCP41xxx series 256 pos single SPI digital pot IC Added the MCP42xxx series 256 pos dual SPI digital pots IC Added the MCP46X1 series 128/256 pos dual NV i2c digital pot IC Added the MCP4822 dual 12-bit SPI DAC IC Added the PFC8574 8-bit i2c IO expander IC Added the 4066 / 74HC4066 Qual Analog/Bi-Lateral Switch IC Added the 4015 / 74HC4015 Dual 4-bit Shift Register IC Added CA3140 8-pin Op Amp IC Added Generic 8-pin Op Amp IC Added a top view SPST push button switch under the misc (LRD) group Added a 14 pin DIP IC outline Enabled the 10 position DIP switch 2.4D(adj) correct/add 25 Oct 2009 A few minor updates have now been added to PEBBLE. Futurlec strip board strip spacing corrected 74HC59516-pin IC image improved. Added the 74HC164 14-pin IC = 8-bit (Octal) serial shift register with parallel out Added the 74HC165 16-pin IC = 8-bit (Octal) parallel load serial shift register Added the 74HC174 16-pin IC = Hex (6) D-type flip flops with clear function 2.4D 4 October 2009 Added 4D system Devboard-G1 Added 4D System uOLED-96-G1 display Added 4D System uOLED-128-G1 display Added 4D System uOLED-160-G1 display Added 4D System uUSB-CE5 module Added 4D System uUSB-MB5 module Added 4D System uUSB module Added 4D System uDrive Module Added 4D System uCAM Camera Module Added 4D System SOMO 14D audio-Sound Module Added SRF005 Trig/Pulse Ultrasonic Module Added SRF008 i2c comms Ultrasonic Module with Light Level Added SPE030 Speech Module for both i2c comms and switch control Added CMPS03 Compass module 2.4c 28 September 2009 Added 74LVC245A in SOIC format on SOIP to DIP adapter baord Added Rev Ed AXE200 28X2 module Added Rev Ed AXE021 PICAXE-08 Proto Board Added Datak 12-611 Proto Board Added Dick Smith Electronics H5608 Proto Board (Datac 21-113) = Radio Shack part #276-150 Added Futurlec STPBRD1 Large Strip Board Added Futurlec STPBRD2 Small Strip Board Added Protobloc 1A Breadboard (as available from Rapidonline) Added Protobloc 2A 64 row Breadboard (as available from Rapidonline) Added Horizontal and vertical 2-pin jumpers to match with header pins Added "X" icon as track cut for strip boards 2.4b 12 September 2009 Added HopeRF HP03D Barometric Pressure Sensor (SIL version) Added HopeRF HP03S Barometric Pressure Sensor (SMD version) Added the 29 row breadboard from the Rev Ed AXE091 Evaluation kit 2.4a 4 August 2009 Added Gadget Gangster Half board and Full board to Breadboard options Added two side by side standard breadboards in 38 and 50 row sizes Altered resistor band colour for yellow and orange 2.4 26 July 2009 Added a selector for both small and large note tabs Added 1-pin test pin and sockets (under the Misc group - select from LDR icon) Adjusted wire colours for some miscellaneous components Fixed code for missing large vertical orientated Tant cap Fixed code to maintain correct image when a component is copied 2.3 19 July 2009 Added a screen print/dump facility via a button Modified the wire edit menu layout 2.2 16 July 2009 Added 1 hole resistors, Added 1 hole diodes Added CR2032 3V battery in holder Added Trim pot. Horizontal and vertical multi-turn version Added 40 pin DIP IC's Added White LED's Added 555 Timer , 4 pin DIP (blank), 6 pin DIP (blank) Added 4 pin opto coupler ( transistor output style) and 6 pin opto coupler (MOC2030 triac output style) Added extra proto typing boards to repertoire Added keypads in 3x4 and 4x4 format Added 16 terminal LCD with backlight Added SPDT and DPDT relays 2.1 4 July 2009 Adjusted colour of white wire to off-white so visible against white boards For wires,added ability to end before or after a line of holes and selection for bare or insulated ends. 2.0 28 June 2009 Expanded range of breadboards to toal of 38 variations Added Blue LED's Added 24 pin DIP IC's Added wire placement features including with 1/3 space offset for horizontal wires. Added batteries, pots, LCD modules, motors and servo's 1.2 14 June 2009 Added TO-220 format transistors Added the Rev Ed AXE029 breadboard programming adapter Added header pins covering strips from 2 to 9 pins in length. Added header sockets covering strips from 2 to 9 pins in length. Added DIP switches in 2 to 9 switch modules and Hex rotary switch Added a range of SIL modules. 1.1 9 June 2009 Improved text colour for capacitors changed to black and alignment relative to image. Axial capacitors have had the polarity band toned down so text more easily read. Diodes now have blue text for the orange glass type diodes, white text for black body diodes in horizontal orientation and grey text for black body diodes in vertical orientation for ease of reading. Added switches in push button, and toggle (SPST and SPDT) formats each with 4 different selectable sets of wire colours. Provision for a label in black text over the switches included. (just leave the label detail in the drop down window blank when no label wanted) Started on terminals which will include SIL modules. Menu structure is there along will the coding but no terminal strips or SIL modules as yet. The PICAXE (stereo) programming socket is already there 1.0 5 June 2009 First release of PEBBLE

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