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Product Details

AXEpad is a cross-platform development tool for all PICAXE chips, supporting all three of the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

AXEpad is a 'notepad' type application for developing PICAXE BASIC language programs. It supports all PICAXE chips and has a full set of code development features such as:

  • source code colour syntax highlighting
  • auto indentation
  • syntax check and download
  • debug and serial terminal windows
  • various code generation wizards (pwmout, tune etc.)

This is the recommended tool for Linux and Mac support of the PICAXE system.

Note that although a Windows version of AXEpad is also available, on Windows we would recommend use of the PICAXE Editor instead.


Installation Instructions (all versions) PDF Instructions
MacAXEpad for Intel Mac (v1.5.1 for OS10.4+)
(To Install on latest Mountain Lion, after download right click then select Open)
MacAXEPad (Intel)
LinAXEpad for Linux (v1.5.1 for x386 with GTK2.8+) LinAXEpad
WinAXEpad for Windows (v1.5.1 for 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8) WinAXEpad
MacAXEpad for PowerPC Mac (v1.3.0 for OS10.4+)
Last version for old Mac PowerPC machines
MacAXEPad (PowerPC)

Revision History

1.5.1 - (M2) Added #slot support to 14M2, 18M2, 20M2 - (All) Updated to latest compiler files 1.5.0 - (All) Updated syntax highlighter module to improve performance - (All) Updated to latest v2.4 compiler files 1.4.1 - (All) Updated to latest compiler files (adds 18M2+ support) - (All) #com directive now works correctly 1.4.0 - (Win) Updated to latest compiler files - (All) Updated to latest help files 1.3.2 - (Mac) Mac download reliability greatly improved - (Mac) Scans for AXE027 upon startup and automatically selects cable location number if found - (Mac) Added 'Find AXE027 cable' button to Options dialog - (Mac) File>Open is no longer greyed out if all Windows closed - (Mac) PWMout wizard now correctly displays the 'pin number' dropdown list - (Mac) Edit>Find now renders correctly and supports paste into find/replace boxes - (All) If wrong PICAXE mode is selected upon download, software will identify and correct - (All) Updated PICAXE icons - (All) Updated to latest compiler files - (All) Added Refresh to View menu to force a screen (syntax colour coding) refresh 1.3.1 - (All) Added German language option (thanks to Stefan Schmitz) 1.3.0 - (All) Update to support new PICAXE-08M2/14M2/20M2 types - (Mac) Fixed Mac download issue when using gosubs without an interrupt: label in the program 1.2.0 - (Win) Updated AXE027 virtual COM port finding utility to support Windows 7 - (All) Updated manuals and compilers to latest versions 1.1.0 - (All) Update to support new PICAXE M2 types 1.0.4 - (All) Updated all compilers to support new PICAXE types - (All) Updated PWM wizard to support pwmdiv4/16 1.0.3 - (All) Updated all compilers to support new PICAXE types - (All) Added Analogue Calibration Wizard - (All) Fixed debug issues with baud rate on some machines - (All) 28/40 pin parts now display version number on download - (All) Updated syntax highlighted command word list 1.0.0 - (All) Adding tab at start of line no longer invokes auto-complete - (All) Improved auto-complete window / tab interaction - (Mac) Files can now be dragged onto dashboard icon for opening - (Mac) Files can now be associated to open in MacAXEpad when double-clicked - (Mac) Improved (Cmd+) Home/End/PageUp/PageDown Mac behaviour - (Windows) Modified (Ctrl+) Home/End/PageUp/PageDown from Mac behaviour to Windows behaviour - (Linux) Modified Home/End/PageUp/PageDown from Mac behaviour to Linux behaviour Ctrl+Home/End does not operate on Linux due to issue within development software used - (All) Printing no longer prints 2 copies - (All) Minor improvements to X2 conversion wizard - (All) Updated to v1.0 compiler files 0.1.4 (beta) - (All) Added support for new X2 parts - (Mac) Fixed the 'Problem opening .Asm as TextInputSteam' issue experienced on some 10.4.x Macs - (All) Updated to v0.8 compiler files 0.1.3 (beta) - (All) Added configuration report to Help menu - (Mac) Fixed MRU (no documents open) crash issue - (Mac) Fixed Intel compiler failure to download when using gosub command - (Mac) File dirty 'dot' within Mac red 'close button' now works correctly - (Mac) Added MacTempPath option to ini file - (All) Updated to v0.7 compiler files 0.1.2 (beta) - (All) Added 'Save in Unix file format' option - (All) Added 'Code Explorer Width' option - (All) Fixed debug display for X1 parts - (Linux) Fixed Save-Cancel crash issue - (Windows) Added missing picaxe08.exe compiler file - (Mac) Added AXEpad allocated Mac Creator Code ("PAXE") 0.1.1 (beta) - First Public Release

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  • Posted by ee31ag

    Hi, are you likely to release a Raspberry Pi version of AXEpad?


  • Posted by TCPmeta

    The Linux release is a bunch of bull. It doesn't run at all and with the ldd command added to check for any dependencies it comes back saying it's not a dynamic executable.

  • Posted by pongo

    @TCPmeta: Just installed it on Mint 18 Cinnamon and it's working fine for me, no bull here.

  • Posted by greenorange

    @TCPmeta, yes indeed. This is because even though 32 is all but dead, linaxepad is 32 bit. You will need to add multi-arch support to your system, in Debian this is done by:

    # dpkg --add-architecture i386

    Then install the 32bit versions of it's dependencies:

    # apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386 libcairo2:i386 libpango1.0-0:i386 libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0:i386 libstdc++6:i386

    Hope this helps, and to the developers, PLEASE recompile in 64bit, or just like, open source, and WE WILL DO IT FOR YOU!

  • Posted by Volhout


    thanks for the instructions. It is not that simple I fear. Tried your instructions on Xubuntu16.04 - 64 and the LinAXEpad works, but programming the chips (08M2) with the AXE027 cable only succeeds 50% of the time.

    It appears to be a timing issue (maybe the 64bit PC is to fast to synchonize at startup). Haven't gone to the bottom of it yet.

    Irronically it is exactly 50%. It works, it does not, it works, it does not, it works....alternating. Absolutely not random..

  • Posted by jakvok


    thx. Your hint works well.

    You ended my 2days nightmare with launching axepad on 64bit Debian9!

  • Posted by Stephan_Mischnick


    Your hints work fine on LinuxMint 18.xx with Xfce.

    Thank you very much.

  • Posted by pleiser

    MacAxePad also needs recompiling for 64 bit, the latest MacOS is warning about it, and in a future update it will not work at all!

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