AXE027 USB Cable Driver

  • Windows Compatible
  • Mac Compatible
  • Linux Compatible
  • Chrome Compatible
  • Not iOS Compatible
  • Not Android Compatible

Product Details

This is the latest USB driver for the PICAXE USB Download Cable (part AXE027).

Windows and Mac drivers are available via the Downloads tab.

Linux and Chromebook users do not require any new driver as it is preinstalled. More information is here.

Top Tips!

  • Always use your AXE027 USB cable in the same USB port on your computer. It will then always retain the same 'virtual COM port' number.
  • Always insert the AXE027 USB cable before starting the PICAXE software.
  • For Linux please click here 
  • For Chromebooks please click here

More details can be found in the Setting up your AXE027 USB download cable for first use page of our Getting Started section.


Driver Installation Instructions (Windows/Linux/Mac) PDF Manual
Windows USB Driver (zip format) v2.08.14
Use this download to manually install the driver as described in the PDF instructions above.
Windows Driver
Windows USB Driver (self extracting preinstaller format) v2.08.14
Note the preinstaller may only be used before the AXE027 is first inserted.
If the AXE027 has ever been inserted you must use the manual zip download above instead.
Windows Preinstaller
USB Driver for Mac OSX Intel 64 bit (10.9+) Mac Intel 10.9+
(64 bit)
USB Driver for Mac OSX Intel 64 bit (10.3-10.8) Mac Intel 10.3-10.8 (32 bit)
USB Driver for Mac OSX Intel 32 bit (10.3-10.8) Mac Intel 10.3-10.8 (32 bit)
USB Driver for Mac OSX PowerPC (10.3 - 10.5) PowerPC Driver
Driver Information for Linux / Chromebook Linux / Chromebook
Advanced Settings (COM port / download speed) Settings PDF

Revision History

2.08.14 Latest AXE027 Windows Driver. Now signed for Vista/7 64 bit systems.

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  • Posted by hindisms

    hello ,

    Drivers it's not working on Windows 8 Professional

    Can you please provide the drivers for win8 64 bit.



  • Posted by Technical

    The Windows Driver works fine on all Windows versions, including 8. Please see the installation instructions PDF in the 'downloads' tab above.

  • Posted by jaylisa2

    OK, I downloaded the axe027_installer.exe (only option given). When I ran the installer (setup option) it acted like it did 'something' very briefly and then went away. I did not get the Found New Hardware notice when I plugged in the cable to then go through the sdetup per the download instructions. The computer acknowledged with a sound alter when the cable was plugged in but that's it. So, what's up with this. Running Windows 10. Any ideas? Thanks for your help. Jay.

  • Posted by ceem

    I am also having the same difficulty as jaylisa2 getting the axe027_installer to work on a windows 10 machine. Any info, please send. Thanks.

  • Posted by G4KCP

    WIndows 10 problem -- Followed instructions to the letter - all appears to load "correctly" ,, then at last post - FAILS ! ! baffled ? please contact thro' my account . customer # 16965 .. Donald (G4KCP)

  • Posted by yurif74

    i have digital signature problems with windows 7 drivers.

    since i need it i tried on a windows 10 machine without success.

    now, since i have only two machines (one w7 and one w10) and neither worked, i actualli can't use any picaxe products i have :(

  • Posted by rob53

    Are you the Administrator on both machines?

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