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Brazo controlado por voz

Brazo controlado por voz

Submitted by: coparu67

Brazo robótico formado por una pinza con apertura-inclinación (2 servos) y un dispositivo pan-tilt (otros dos servos). El control se realiza por los comando... View Project

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  • Play Battleship with PICAXE

    Submitted by: Hohnhorst
    Play Battleship with PICAXE

    Try to find all 10 PICAXE’s ships before PICAXE – the opposing player – destroys your battleships. The game is powered by PICAXE 18M2+ microcontroller. PICAX...

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  • PIXYbot

    Submitted by: SolidWorksMagi

    I have had a PIXY CMUcam5 for awhile now and wanted to install it into a miniFloppybot for a fun little project. After getting a little help from "Hippy...

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  • RoboGuts™ circuit board

    Submitted by: SolidWorksMagi
    RoboGuts™ circuit board

    I needed a smaller micro-controller circuit board that included the ability to add sounds, speech and singing to my home hobby projects ... so I designed the...

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  • Skully a talking 'n singing skull

    Submitted by: SolidWorksMagi
    Skully a talking

    Skully is a skull I bought on eBay for about $30, added a couple of servo motors to control the neck turning left 'n right and another to control the jaw mov...

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  • Car Parking Assistant

    Submitted by: Derby_Don
    Car Parking Assistant

    Using the PicAxe 08M2 this project will make sure that your car is always parked at the exact spot in your garage. This is a neat little addition to any gara...

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  • Hardware Random Number Generator

    Submitted by: mmruzek
    Hardware Random Number Generator

    Generating truly random numbers is surprisingly difficult to do! This project creates a serial stream output of random numbers by using the noise produced by...

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