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SnapAXE - using PICAXE with Snap Circuits and Brainbox

SnapAXE - using PICAXE with Snap Circuits and Brainbox

Submitted by: ncoplin

This project was created to add microprocessor support to the myriad of "SNAP" based systems used for teaching electronics. These snap circuit systems provid... View Project

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  • timed thermostat

    Submitted by: newplumber
    timed thermostat

    In USA off peak hours are cheaper then peak hours for electricity so for a friend I built a thermostat that keeps his shed a few degrees above freezing like...

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  • Q a four wheeled trainer

    Submitted by: jinx
    Q a four wheeled trainer

    Q designed using sketchup and printed on my prusa i2 Q uses the 28x2 shield for motor control and a 14m2 for servo control shield been modded to use the ERF...

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  • Rocket Altimeter - AXEtimeter I

    Submitted by: Hemi345
    Rocket Altimeter - AXEtimeter I

    My daughter wanted to know how high her model rockets are flying. Perfect project for the PICAXE. I used a Freescale MPL3115A2 pressure sensor for reading t...

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  • Congratulations!

    Submitted by: Hohnhorst

    This is a congratulation card powered by PICAXE. It contains a random generator which lights one of the four LEDs, the buttons of the congratulator’s shi...

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  • 9g Tai Chi Stepper

    Submitted by: BaldwinK
    9g Tai Chi Stepper

    This project was defined as the construction of a self powered bipedal walker using cheap 9g servos and applying the principles of Tai Chi. A Picaxe ‘trai...

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  • PICAXE based DCC Accessory Decoder

    Submitted by: westaust55
    PICAXE based DCC Accessory Decoder

    PICAXE based DCC Accessory Decoder The project combines two PICAXE microcontrollers to download and interpret the Digital Command Control (DCC) data strea...

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  • Picaxe Digital LED Guitar Clock

    Submitted by: jsdl
    Picaxe Digital LED Guitar Clock

    The Picaxe LED Guitar clock is based on a Picaxe 20M2 microcontroller and DS3231 Real Time Clock chip. It reads the time stored in the RTC and display it on...

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  • Talking Number Guessing Game

    Submitted by: Rick100
    Talking Number Guessing Game

    This is a talking guess the number game made from a Picaxe 20X2 and a Winbond W25Q80 one meg SPI flash memory chip. The Picaxe prompts the player to pick a n...

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  • PICAXE Washing Machine

    Submitted by: J123
    PICAXE Washing Machine

    This project was focused around creating a realistic washing machine with speed control. Once switched on the user can select from three speed settings, each...

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