RTTTL Ringtone Downloads

We are often asked where to find the mono RTTTL format ring tones for use with the PICAXE tune command. The simplest method is generally to use a search engine such as Google to search the term ‘RTTTL + song name’.

However we also have some zip files containing several thousand (untested!) ringtones available for download here:

Once you have the correct RTTTL file copy the text into the 'Tune Wizard' within the PICAXE software.
Valid RTTTL text looks similar to this:

Auld L S:d=4,o=6,b=101:g5,c,8c,c,e,d,8c,d,8e,8d,c,8c,e,g,2a,a,g,8e,e,c,d,8c,d,8e,8d,c,8a5,a5,g5,2c

The following sites also contain many free to download ringtones in the correct format (generally called 'mono' or 'RTTL' or 'RTTTL' or 'Nokia RTTL')  Note these sites are not under the control of Revolution Education so we cannot be held responsible for their content:

The PICAXE system does not support playing of MP3 music files directly, but see the SPE035 MP3 module.