Security Plinth


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A project I made in DT systems. It was built very quickly and crudely. If I had more time I would have perfected it.

It was designed to protect items like valuables. It did so with micro switch on the top. If the item was stolen it would sound a buzzer.

I designed it all myself and created the pic program myself, it has several different modes including a 'cleaner' mode which lets you take the item off then clean it.

Also it has 3 reset switches to fool the thief. :)

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  • Posted by Kagegami


    Would you mind emailing me pictures of the circuit? It would be for my GCSE Electronics coursework, where I must find a similar product and open it up, photographing the inside, but seeing as I am doing museum security, this is proving rather difficult. If you could help with this I would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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