Music by MIDI


It is a new version . In this box there is a Picaxe 08M2 .It can control an expander , or a keyboard , by a MIDI cable . It can play 10 different songs according to 10 different rhythms .There are 4 instruments : bass , drums, accompaniment and organ ( or strings ) . We can suppress one of them during the power on .
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  • Posted by micort

    The program use 2044 bytes of memory .

    Some commands :

    hsersetup B31250_4,%00

    hserout 0,($CF,0,$CE,33)

    hserout 0,($BD,$7B,$00)

    hserout 0,($9E,ValInt1,VolBas)

  • Posted by micort

    Mail :

  • Posted by SolidWorksMagi

    Where is the schematic? Where is the programming code?

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