Light Sensing LED


I was reading through the wikipedia page for LEDs and I came to know that a LED can be used as a light sensor. I decided to make a light sensing LED myself.

A LED produces a small voltage when exposed to light this small voltage is read by the PICAXE microcontroller and then performs functions according to the reading. I found that LED's of colour red and green are most sensitive to light.I used a green LED.

It took me a week to finalize the code and decide which coloured LED to use. This is a simple and fun to do project.

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  • Posted by bot1398

    Sorry to you all for the video quality my camera does not handle changes in light well so.

  • Posted by marmitas

    Schematic, code, where are they?

  • Posted by bot1398

    Check the link given out

  • Posted by bot1398

    Click the boxes at the top to view different steps the code and schematic can be found in step 3 and 4 respectively

  • Posted by marmitas

    Thank you. I built it with my grandson and he is excited about learning more. I appreciate you sharing it.

    Andres Rodriguez

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