6-DOF Robot Arm


This small 6-axis robot arm is controlled by a PICAXE 20M2. It uses 6 analog servo. Each arm link is about 4" long, and the maximum working radius at the gripper is 9 inches.

The SERVOPOS command is very useful driving all six servos simultaneously while the main program decides where to move next.

These two videos show reading a PS/2 keyboard to pick up and stack small alphabet blocks, and using an IR remote to teach the robot a sequence of moves.


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  • Posted by angeljruiz

    This is sooooo awesome!

    Could you possibly supply the code ? :D

  • Posted by erco

    Thanks for your interest. Code and more info & photos are available at http://find.botmag.com/051206 .

  • Posted by teddy7

    As erco mentioned-- where is the schematic and code?

    DID NOT see either in above mentioned URL

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