3 zone temperature DATA logger


I wanted a way to record temperatures in a loft space to ensure that the loft insulation was up to the required standard. This would mean that the temperatures both outside and in the rooms below the loft would also need recording so that the DATA can be compared. By using the DATA in a spread sheet I can draw graphs etc. to show the results. The DATA is stored on a 24LC512 Eeprom and is removable (separate project box). This is then taken to my PC where I can download the DATA using a simple circuit on a Picaxe project board. I made this project using spare parts, pieces of strip board etc. to keep costs down. As a side note, the closer the loft temperature is to the outside temperature then the better the insulation is. A badly insulated loft would be closer to the room temperature thus showing heat loss. https://www.dropbox.com/s/exg6uxz17iw3gg1/CODING.txt https://www.dropbox.com/s/5l6b2mlr7cbei6v/Schematic.pdf
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  • Posted by RacingtoMars

    This is a great project and the PDF you produced is fantastic, thank-you!!

  • Posted by ginantonik

    Any chance of the code, please?

    Been working on a similar project but had no idea how to load across to PC to produce graphs etc.

    Excellent pdf.

  • Posted by ginantonik

    RtoM - please ignore previous request - realized you have provided code as a .txt.

    Sorry - even more impressed !

  • Posted by timbertool

    I am in the process of constructing your 3 zone logger and have found a couple of errors in the schematic. The neg pin on the pic is not shown connected to the neg supply rail. The LED on the DS1307 needs to connect to the positive rail not to ground. Your project description mentions a simple circuit to read the detachable EEPROM could you make this available please, as i have not found anything on the net.

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