20X2 Microbot Motherboard

The 20X2 Motherboard is the controlling heart of a 20-pin PICAXE system to which other input and output interfaces connect.

The Microbot motherboard is a special create system motherboard (part of kit BOT120). It is designed to mount motors to allow a movable Create motherboard.

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Microbot motherboard test program

This simple test program will demonstrate that the 20X2 Microbot microcontroller is functioning. Shortly after download the Terminal display will appear and show a message indicating the 20X2 is working.

Code Example:
#picaxe 20X2
#terminal 9600

	pause 2000
main:	sertxd( "I'm your 20X2 Microbot microcontroller", cr, lf )
	pause 1000
	goto main
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Determine type of PICAXE and firmware version

The following program will report the type of PICAXE and firmware version for X2 PICAXE microcontrollers. Please note that the readfirmware and readsilicon commands are not supported for the M2 microcontrollers.

Code Example:
#terminal 9600

main:	pause 2000

	readsilicon b0

	b1 = b0 >> 5
	select case b1
	  case %001 : sertxd( "PICAXE-20X2 (PIC18F14K22)", cr, lf )
	  case %010 : sertxd( "PICAXE-28X2-5V (PIC18F2520)", cr, lf )
	  case %011 : sertxd( "PICAXE-40X2-5V (PIC18F4520)", cr, lf )
	  case %100 : sertxd( "PICAXE-28X2 (PIC18F25K22)", cr, lf )
	  case %101 : sertxd( "PICAXE-40X2 (PIC18F45K22)", cr, lf )
	  case %110 : sertxd( "PICAXE-28X2-3V (PIC18F25K20)", cr, lf )
	  case %111 : sertxd( "PICAXE-40X2-3V (PIC18F45K20)", cr, lf )
	end select

	readfirmware b0

	b1 = b0 / 16 + "0" : if b1 > "9" then : b1 = b1+7 : end if
	b0 = b0 & 15 + "0" : if b0 > "9" then : b0 = b0+7 : end if

	sertxd( "Firmware Version ", b1, ".", b0, cr, lf, cr, lf )

	goto main
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Create Module

The BOT120 motherboard kit provides a moving 'robot' style motherboard for the create system.

For non-mobile circuits using the create system the 18M2 Motherboard will be of interest.

Bill of Materials

PICAXE-20X2 Microcontroller AXE012X2 1 Buy Now
20-pin 0.3" DIL IC socket ICH020 1 Buy Now
3.5mm stereo jack socket CON039 1 Buy Now
10k resistor (pack 100) RES10K 1 Buy Now
22k resistor (pack 100) RES22K 1 Buy Now
100nF miniature polyester capacitor CAP001 1 Buy Now


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  • Posted by jamielfc

    hi i am new to this website and to robotics, i have downloaded the picaxe programming and logicator for pic and picaxe on to my computer. i bought the microbot 20x2 at the gadget show live, i have fully built the motherboard but i am having trouble with things after that, i put the USB into the computer and it pops up with a message saying it is having trouble installing the software from the robot, i clicked on a help button that says 'why won't this software install?' it gave me several options which still didn't help it install what it needed to. since, i haven't been able to download it or even have the message pop up again. i have the things to program it on both of the programming applications on windows 7. but when i go to click on the icon with the plug which says 'program' on picaxe programming editor it says 'Error: #Directive error - invalid #picaxe type' and on logicator for pic and picaxe i also click the program button, it comes up with a box with registration i click ok then it says 'error - download failed. pin 5 does not exist on PICAXE-08' i am very confused i am 13 so i don't know anything technical. please help me! thank you.

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